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Golden Pouch


Golden Pouch

When Han Suk-Hoon (Kim Ji-Han) was little, he was adopted by a family in the United States. He returns to Korea as an adult and works as an excellent surgeon. Through his journey to get his memories...

Thats So Raven - Season 3

To change the future, Raven Baxter with Eddie and Chelsea, her best friends, come up with outrageous plans and daring disguises but sometimes seem to forget to consider the consequences of their...




When his peaceful life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive and uncover his assailants.

Scoundrels - Season 1

The film follows a beautiful woman with four children. Because her husband is in prison for 5 years by dint of his criminal activities, she is eager to stop their children 's wrong , but in fact, she...

Geordie Shore - Season 4

In this season, the Geordie Shore gang are back with a bang. Later, they throw Ricci and Vicky an engagement party to remember. With Ricci and Sophie having been asked to leave the house, the rest of...

Scanners III: The Takeover

Helena Monet is troubled by the painful side-effects of her powers. This drives her to try her adoptive father's experimental drug which causes her to become a megalomaniac. She kills her father and...

Bad Girls Club - Season 15

Bad Girl alums Tanisha Thomas, Jelaminah Lanier, Camilla Poindexter, Jasmine Carter and Jonica Booth introduce the 8 new sisters to the season. The 8 new bad girls come into the house.

The Crucifixion

An investigative journalist strives to determine whether the priest who performed an exorcism on a mentally ill nun in fact murdered her, or if he actually lost the battle with a demonic presence.

The Lost Wife of Robert Durst

Kathie Durst, wife of charming yet quirky real-estate scion Robert Durst, is still missing for years. The movie pulls back the curtain on the world of Robert and explores what may have happened...

Day of the Dead

When a mysterious deadly virus infects a small Colorado town, the military is assigned to stop its spreading by implementing a quarantine. As the situation gets out of control and the infected people...




‘’ Adventureland ‘’ is romantic story revolves around a college graduate, who is having trouble with financial problems. Therefore, he decides to look for a summer job instead of travelling...

Michael Ian Black: Noted Expert

Veteran of sketch, television, and film, comedian Michael Ian Black has mastered a delivery that's equal parts dapper and deadpan, whether he's discussing the pro-choice debate or the Tilt-A-Whirl....

Boy And The World

The film shows an adventurous quest that illustrates the issues of the modern world through the eyes of a child. Cuca's cozy rural life is shattered when his father leaves for the city, prompting him...

Fists Of Legend

While opening a bakery to make a living , Deok-kyu LIM has agreed to participate in a reality television show. And he accidentally meet his old friend.Many attractive situations will happen with them.

Lodge 49 - Season 1

Set in Long Beach, California, the series centers on a young male ex-surfer, who joins a local fraternal group, Lodge 49, after his father's death.

As You Like It

A modern adaptation of As You Like It set in the contemporary American west, with original language and an all-male cast.

Blood Diner


Blood Diner

Two restaurateur brothers kill various immoral women then use these victims' body parts to create their new special dish and awaken the ancient Egyptian goddess, Sheetar. Eventually, they have to...

MacGyver - Season 2

In the second season of MacGyver, an American television series, MacGyver is no ordinary secret agent and he uses the most dangerous weapon of all to fights for justice. That is his intelligence.




This movie follows Betsy, who survives a vicious assault in the city. She then moves to the country in hopes of starting over, but as she begins to recover, something begins clawing its way into the...

Cory In The House - Season 1

The show focuses on Cory Baxter, who moves from San Francisco, California to Washington, D.C. with his father, after his father is named head chef to President Martinez. Cory then shares the staff...

Wings - Season 3

After struggling in New York City, Helen returns to Nantucket Island and works at the airline again without learning that Joe has a new girlfriend Gail. When she discovers the fact, she destroys...

Hue and Cry


Hue and Cry

The story begins when Joe Kirby discovers that coded messages are being sent between crooks in a weekly children's magazine. Then he attempts to alert his boss and a detective, but nobody will...

Swamp People - Season 7

Troy deals with a cannibal gator that threatens to ruin his season. In Houma, Jay Paul edges closer to taking over the Molinere gator-hunting operation. Over in Pierre Part, Chase struggles to redeem...

Fetish Factory

The movie concerns a group of women who each resemble a famous sex symbol and perform at a modern burlesque show alongside a number of unusual acts. One night, as they are at the club, the zombie...

Red Island


Red Island

A distressed couple become stranded on an isolated island only to get hunted by an unforeseen force.

Motive - Season 1

The distinctive group of Vancouver detectives, teaming up with the Coroner's office, have to track down the evidence which will lead them to discovering the criminals & their motive.

Tosh.0 - Season 04

This is the first time that Dodson was confronted with a rapist, he wasn't prepared. Daniel helps him learn the basics of self-defense before putting him to the ultimate test. Brian Atene stops by...

Creature in the Woods

This movie follows three former University of Delaware film students as they travel to Hobgood, North Carolina to film a survival documentary in the coastal woodlands. They accidentally film a...
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